Monday, November 8, 2010


I am being a lame non-poster. Its totally like me to start something and then not post for forever BUT things are going on , I guess. Life is happening. have been doing alot of this:

that would be fighting the flesh - dying to self. Dealing with the hinderance that is me. have also been doing more of this:

That would be drawing - specifically cartooning. I am being reminded and becoming more secure in being a guy who draws cartoons. Been reading again about some of my inspirations and been meditating on why I have this gift and how Im supposed to be spending my time on it, with much trial and error. I am learning honestly and slowly how to use this gift for the glory of God and for edification of people as opposed to other ways to pass time or raise myself up and look cool. It is a hard lesson.

But I am starting to have fun again as a cartoonist and am feeling more direction as to which ways to take it. Also, I am reminded that it is hard work, which is a good thing. I am still looking for work by the way, which at this point is really just alot of waiting. I have applied for some things and have just heard of a few possible open doors today. Speaking of inspirations, this one is inspired by one of mine, see if you can guess what:

If you dont know, you need to know. Look up Bill watterson, its one of the greats. :)

I have been having many fails too. that is, failures but I am learning slowly learning. God didnt mean for life to be THIS much of a burden. So Life crawls on, God is truly good, there is work to do and there will hopefully be more words to come. Cohesive words at least. I know writing this felt good. :)

a couple more pics. this is a piece that is hopefully a preview of more to come. hopefully the message kind of reads, it may read more once you know the characters,but here it is. It s called 'FRUIT':

and finally today was a "blustery" day. (dont act like you havent seen Winnie the pooh) heres a little doodle. Oh yeah, their names are CJ and Michelle.


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