Wednesday, November 10, 2010

alter calls

Just listened to the end of a bible study by Dave Rolph where he beautifully broke down why he doesnt perform altar calls at his church the way many churches may do it.

Now, he didn't put down this way of doing altar calls. He said he believed there is NOTHING WRONG necessarily with this, and I agree. I liked what He said : "I am not against anything that gets people saved." so that means Harvest crusades, having people who want to follow Jesus raise their hands, and playing a worship song and inviting people to the altar to repent are great things.

Because people get saved there.

What he talked about that was great was the caution of getting people to make a decision based on emotions. worship songs and stirring messages create an emotion in people. Getting them to make a decision when there are all these factors affecting their emotion can be damaging because the decision to follow Christ, believe in Him for your righteousness and salvation and turn from sin is a serious deal.

The pastor was reading from The parable of the Sower found in Luke 8:5 . Particularly he was refencing the part about seed that produces plants that shoot up for a while and then die out.

I was just really blessed and excited to hear a pastor talk real and refreshing about presenting the gospel and about how it is less a technique and a ritual and more of a clear invitation from the Word of God. and it was encouraging to hear that perhaps many people start to follw Christ as I did: more like a process than a decision that happens one night at a church. :)

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