Thursday, November 11, 2010

The days go on and I am doing decent at posting. Makes me happy. Gives me short term purpose. Its actually been a little helpful. making it a goal to post at least a sketch a day gives me more incentive to play with different ideas and produce them as they are. This way, Im able to get small little ideas across. Plus, the writing part might improve my writing huh? huh?

We are all dirty. Today I found myself looking at my life (things arent 'the way I would like them' . lets say that) and realizing that I am in a place where I have seen other people before and I have treated those people as if I would never be in a place like that. Now that Im there or at least feel like I am maybe walking in someone else' shoes, it is really really really really really humbling. I try to say that so that it captures how I feel but it really doesnt. the fact it is , I feel crummy about the way my attitude has been about judging and while alot of the problems i face are because of bad or rash judgements I have made with my life, there is also a sense in which God is using it to deal with me and shape my character. discipline. so thats kinda what this strip kinda shows , I hope.
We are all dirty little kids and Jesus Christ is the ONLY one with clean clothes. Thats the gospel. God please help me grow in this. Guide me. Help me change as a result of seeing where I fall. for real.
Also, just wanted to note that I am very very very very very very very blessed with people around me, particularly my family which is helping me and supporting me and being patient with me through a very difficult time. I thank God for you guys. I really dont know what else to say.
more to come hopefully - its kind of therepeutic to write out things here - dang, guess that means you're stuck with me- sorry :)

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