Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So far I seem to be failing miserably at posting regurlarly and thereby communicating like i planned, even if to myself. Also, i had said that i would communicate in pictures and here i am using words. (chris throws up his hands, "whats wrong with me?" he says.)

I have found myself enduring a tough year that has been hard to explain on many levels and in that have learned of Grace and direction but still often find myself asking for those things still. I cant say that the hardness of the year has ended but I am looking at what gifts and oppurtunites are here now and looking forward to what oppurtunities come with each new day or decision.

drawing is one of those gifts and I do mean gifts as in from GOD so praise Him. I hope to be doing more drawing with purpose. there are things that i have been able to work on and with His grace and me not being a lazy punk (im learning about that too) i pray they get done and find an audience and do something good...

for now here is a sketch of 3 boys I have had the pleasure of knowing since 1998, though they have changed since then. from the left: Sacremento Salinas, Cj Robinson and 'Danruff' Phelps. hopefully you will see more of them ...if you know the song he's whistling, then we can be friends......

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