Monday, July 12, 2010


thats a pencil in the cartoon version of me's mouth by the way - it doesnt look like one to me..

i want to try and post here because I cant seem to express myself well on those little facebook blurbs. also, the wall overwhelms me. maybe man just wansn't meant to know what his acquaintances are doing every minute of the day.

Im thinking maybe God has me to express myself in drawings and pictures instead of words. If i had a therapist I think he would tell me that I need an outlet so Ill pretend like I do and try this.

i love Jesus and even better and more reliable still, HE LOVES ME. He says and does great things that i tend to forget or look past so I hope to express those things.

i love to draw and it has been too long since I have found myslef consistent in my gift. i get many funny ( sometimes maybe funny only to me) ideas in my head and I end up saying them to myself and i dont want to keep indulging in that habit. Plus I want to see my gift used for good, that good being the Glory of God and the edification of people. Also, it should be to make others laugh and be informed and not just to make myself look cool, more on that later.

today I saw a great movie and had a great comfort from God. (more on those later too) i hope a communication and an outlet can begin... maybe even a community of posters.....

then maybe I wont have to go ahead and see that therapist after all....

God truly bless....

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