Monday, April 13, 2015

Push and Shove

Good morning.

Lack of posts due to busyness (business?). I have also been working on some things. Wanted to share a few while I have the chance to post.

As usual, comments begged for and requested.

To God be the Glory,

Christopher Powell


  1. Gods will is all me. Love his facial expression too! Is that tmnt on the lunch box? Don't know much about art, it seems obvious that the drawing is by hand but the color digital, if so why? Either way I really like it.

    1. Kevin Hey! Thank you so much for checking out the work and commenting!
      haha I'm really glad you liked that one. I like the subtlety of it and it is Me as well. Too much. I didnt think anyone whould see the Ninja turtles! haha!

      and yes, it is drawn by hand but colored digitally. The reson for that is because it saves time and because I am new with color so working digitally is optimal in case I make mistakes :)
      Really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      God bless!